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Archives YCV: A leap of faith

Sept. 5, 2012

By Amanda Conklin
Contributing Writer

My husband and I knew that we wanted to eventually, move closer to family, especially in the hopes that one day we will start our own family. While we love the North Country, we always assumed that if we were to move, that it would most likely be to the Pittsburgh area. Seth’s family lives there and the larger population area would offer more employment opportunities than the Diocese of Ogdensburg.

So, when a close friend shared with us at Ordinationpalooza that there was an opening at Immaculate Heart Central High School for a theology teacher, we wondered if God might be preparing us for a change. Seth submitted his resume, was given an interview and shortly after, he was offered the teaching position at IHC.
We were immediately elated, yet confused as to what step we should take. We would be leaving a very secure financial situation, to relocate to a location where I didn’t have any employment prospects.

We prayed for a couple of days and both shared that we felt an amazing sense of peace about accepting the position at IHC. This is very uncharacteristic of both of us, as we usually need to have all of our “ducks in a row” before a major decision.We both felt that God was calling us to take a leap of faith, so we jumped.

The day after Seth called to accept the teaching position, three job opportunities opened up in the Diocese. I secured interviews for all three positions. I kept thanking God for affirming that we had made the right decision in taking the leap. Sure enough, right in character for the Big Guy, I was offered my dream job and accepted the position of Campus Minister for SUNY Canton and St. Lawrence University.

I am thrilled to meet the students of both schools and I have felt the Holy Spirit closer than ever during my first couple of days on the job. It was solidly confirmed to me that we made the right decision in relocating when my favorite saint sent a rose to me on my first day of work.

Many know through my other articles in the NCC that I have a strong devotion to St. Therese of Liseiux (The Little Flower.) When I came into work, someone had kindly put a rose plant on my desk. Then, during the grand tour, it was shared with me that St. Therese appeared as a child in her first communion dress to a nun right here in Canton many years ago! The story is documented in St. Mary’s chapel. I got chills as I read the story and smiled at how amazing our Church, along with the Communion of Saints truly is.

It is easy to roll our eyes at those who are constantly preaching the “just trust in God” mantra. I know I’ve been guilty of scoffing at people at times who seem to put every ounce of trust in Christ. But, in reality, He truly is in control. We are called as Catholics to integrate both Faith and Reason into our lives and decisions. We need to reasonably look at our finances, vocations etc. but then have faith that if we pray and discern the best we can, that God will take it from there.

One of my favorite scripture passages is from Jeremiah 29: “’For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ Our future as a married couple, and now as residents of the North Country is looking pretty bright.

It feels good to be home and I look forward with anticipation to the opportunity, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit (and Father Doug Lucia of course,) to welcome many college students back home to the Church this school year.

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Photo Supplied
Saranac Lake native Amanda Miner has worked in the Philadelphia area since graduating from college but was able to follow a dream to move back to the North Country when her husband was offered as position at Immaculate Heart Central School in Watertown and she was hired as the campus minister for SUNY Canton and St. Lawrence University.

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