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Archives Celebration of Catholic Schools Week
Bishop LaValley presides at Mass for Immaculate Heart Central schools in Watertown

Feb. 8, 2017

By Madeleine Keller
IHC Advancement Assistant.

IHC Catholic Schools week

Watertown – In honor of Catholic Schools Week, Bishop Terry R. LaValley celebrated Immaculate Heart Central School’s first school wide Mass.

Students from St. John Bosco’s preschool three-year-olds up to the high school seniors gathered at Holy Family Catholic Church along with IHC principals, faculty and staff, as well as parents, alumni, and the members of the community.

The priests who concelebrated with Bishop LaValley were Msgr. Robert H. Aucoin, pastor of St. Anthony’s and St. Patrick’s; Father Steven M.  Murray, pastor of Holy Family;  Missionary of the Sacred Heart Father Jonas Tandayu, pastor of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart; Father Christopher J. Looby, pastor of Evans Mills; Father Martin E.  Cline, pastor in Adams; and Missionary of the Sacred Heart Father Das Santhanthony; parochial vicar of St. Patrick’s and St. Anthony’s. Deacon Lawrence R. Ambeau served as deacon for the liturgy.

Watertown Mayor and IHC ’85 Alumnus, Joseph Butler, welcomed those gathered for the liturgy. He expressed how a full Catholic education is both academic and spiritual learning.

IHC Students proclaimed the readings, with older students helping the younger.

The Prayers of the Faithful called for prayer for priests and religious leaders, leaders of government in the United States and throughout the world,  teachers, parents, the less fortunate,  those that have died, and  for the children themselves to be vehicles to carry out Christ’s teachings.

In his sermon, Bishop LaValley’s told the children that “we are never alone if we are connected with God, through prayer and our Catholic school environment.  By cultivating a friendship with Jesus through prayer, you always have someone to turn to when things are going great and not so great during your life, the bishop said.
“Our Catholic school environment helps cultivate and nurture religious interconnections both inside the home and in the classroom,” he said. “We can all become great by becoming more holy, through prayer.”
Presentation of the gifts held symbolism for both inside and outside the classroom.

Flag :   symbolizing the respect and appreciation for the country and the freedom to worship our Catholic faith

Mask : symbolizing the opportunities for the students to increase self confidence through performance and presentation, as well as to help them learn empathy for others through character development 

Scales : not only symbolizing justice, fairness, and moral impartiality,  but they also symbolize the pursuit of learning in the area of math, science and technology 

Trophy : a cheerleading trophy represented the school spirit that members of the school community generate for each other through extracurricular activities, as well as the spirit and enthusiasm of family and friends who support the extracurricular endeavors  -

Linen from Kiteng, Africa :   representing the many hours of service and charity IHC students give each year locally and globally through the Faith Community Service Program. This linen comes directly from IHC’s sister school in Kitenga 

Candles:   as a reminder that the life of Christ must be a light to the world and a symbol of hope and love to us.

Bible:  a reminder that the Word of God be in minds, hearts and on lips, so that the students can spread the good news of salvation to others.

Cross:  to celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.        

Religion Book :  a reminder that students continue to learn about our faith and the life of Jesus.

Bread and Wine:  the Eucharistic gifts.

Music for the Mass was led by Joan Carlo and Ryan Grant.

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