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Alleluia! He is risen!

By Bishop Terry R. LaValley

March 28, 2018

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

“I have risen, and I am with you still, Alleluia.”  One would be hard pressed to find words more uplifting than these found in the Entrance Antiphon of the Easter Sunday Mass.   Most often at this Mass we sing a glorious Easter processional hymn rather than voice the words of this antiphon.  Yet, the message remains the same: Christ has risen and remains in our midst today! 

Where do we find Him?  We see the Risen Savior: in the nurses and doctors who travel across the world and risk their lives to minister to the innocent victims of senseless violence; in the soldier who bravely works to bring peace to terror-stricken lands; in Christians who courageously worship the Risen Lord risking persecution and death; and in the youth who give up vacation time to lend a hand, a heart and hope to the poor in Latin America.

We find the Risen Christ in the parish catechists who generously offer their time and witness to help form our youth; in the parish priests ministering to God’s holy people over miles of back roads; in moms and dads who give Christian witness to their faith in a cultural environment that is so lacking in support; and in the parishioner who serves the needy in the parish outreach center. 

Yes, we see the Risen Christ still active in our midst two millennia after that Easter morn.  There is plenty of reason for hope!  Easter assures us that God’s promise of presence is fulfilled.  The risen Christ, now seen in such lives of heroic service, continues to visit humankind with compassion and mercy.  The entire world is filled with a new Presence.  We cry out, ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA!  HE IS RISEN!!

Blessed Easter to you and your loved ones!

Faithfully yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Terry R. LaValley
Bishop of Ogdensburg

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