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Archives Diocese to kick off Capital Campaign

April 11, 2018

After prayerful reflection on the Diocesan Pastoral Vision and in preparation for the 150th Anniversary of the Diocese of Ogdensburg Captial CampaignRoman Catholic Diocese of Ogdensburg (2022), Bishop Terry R. LaValley has announced that a diocesan-wide Capital Campaign “It’s Our Church, It’s Our Future” kicks off this spring.

“We have learned a great deal about the strengths and the challenges that we must address as we move forward in continuing the pastoral mission of the Church here in our North Country,” said Bishop LaValley. “This campaign, which calls for sacrifice on everyone’s part, will support the rich legacy of faith that characterizes the Diocese of Ogdensburg.

“I believe this is truly an urgent, historic effort to strengthen our local parish families in the Diocese of Ogdensburg,” he said.

The “It’s Our Church, It’s Our Future” Capital Campaign will have a goal of $16 million, which will include $1.3 million for the 2018 Bishop’s Fund Appeal.

Of the funds raised, 75% will remain at the parish for its local needs such as programs and capital improvements. The remaining 25% benefits the entire diocese supporting retired priests, seminarians, Camp Guggenheim and St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Bishop LaValley consulted with several groups, including the Council of Priests, Action Planning Committee, Diocesan Finance Council, Diocesan Pastoral Council and the Diocesan Investment Advisory Committee, on how the Diocese can strengthen our parishes and enhance existing programs, ministries and services.

The consulting firm, Guidance In Giving (GIG) conducted a feasibility study with over 100 personal interviews of Priests and parishioners and a mailing survey to 5,000 parishioners representing the entire Diocese.
In all cases, these discussions and survey results led to a consensus on the need for this diocesan-wide Capital Campaign at this time.

Guidance In Giving, Inc. (GIG) is working with the diocese on this endeavor and has begun the groundwork with some parishes participating in the initial Block 1 Phase. “It’s Our Church, It’s Our Future” will run in three blocks beginning with Block 1 running April to June.

Parishes in Block 2 participate from June to September and campaigns in Parishes in Block 3 take place from September to November.

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