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Archives “Little Bit of Heaven:” Adoration chapel celebrated

November 6, 2019

By Mary Beth Bracy
Contributing writer

PLATTSBURGH – “Sometimes I get distracted by the world and feel my connection with God start to fade. Then I go to Adoration, and feel Jesus call me back, and remind me that all that really matters is my relationship with Him and doing God's will,” shared Rose, a college student, and scheduled weekly adorer.

Oct. 1 marked the 32nd anniversary of Eucharistic Adoration in the Plattsburgh area. The anniversary was commemorated with a special Mass at St. John’s Church, offered by Father Kevin D. McEwan.

Since the date was also the feast of St. Therese of Lisieux, there was a blessing of the roses at the end. Due to St. Thérèse’s devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, and her intercession, this feast was chosen to begin Eucharistic Adoration in Plattsburgh.

In the beginning, Adoration was held at Sacred Heart Nursing Home. Sister Anne Theresa Dostie, a Sister of Charity of St. Louis, was an instrument of inspiration in its foundation. She had started a holy hour at Our Lady of Victory Convent.

Linda Bracy, an attendant of that holy hour, enjoyed the opportunity for prayer and, while traveling, heard about a video on Eucharistic Adoration. She said she watched the video and found it so powerful, she believed it was important to offer regular Adoration in Plattsburgh.

Bracy talked about the idea with Msgr. Joseph Aubin, then pastor of Our Lady of Victory and chaplain of Sacred Heart Nursing Home, and he was very supportive of the idea. The nursing home seemed like the perfect location. Members of Altar Rosary Societies, Secular Carmelites, Secular Franciscans, and other groups, responded to the invitation to spend a scheduled holy hour with Jesus in the Holy Eucharist each week. This was how over 40 hours of weekly Eucharistic Adoration began.

Years later, when the nursing home closed, Adoration moved to Regina Maria Retreat House. When the retreat house closed, Father Patrick Mundy welcomed the idea of having an area-wide Adoration chapel at St. John’s Church.

Now, decades later, people continue to sign-up and attend Eucharistic Adoration from the greater Plattsburgh area. Some people drive 20 miles to spend an hour each week with Jesus.

In the words of one adorer, “I couldn’t get along without my Holy Hour every week.”

What are some of the benefits of Adoration?

“Eucharistic Adoration brings my peace,” Mary revealed.

Charles wrote, “This is a miracle I attribute to Adoration of the HOLY EUCHARIST. For the past going on six years now, I have been able to work part-time at a job that requires strenuous physical activity. This, in spite of the fact, that I am disabled permanently (spinal), and I thank JESUS every day for each day and to be able also to carry on HIS work as an example of HIS LOVE to co-workers.”

“Holy Hours strengthen me to get through daily things whatever they may be,” testified Eileen.

Another adorer, who chose to remain anonymous, reflected, “I brought my 6 year old granddaughter to my usual Holy Hour one evening and I watched her busing herself removing numerous Rosaries hanging from chairs and then she would return them one by one. As I looked up from my reading I saw her kneeling on the floor in front of the Blessed Sacrament holding one of the Rosaries up high while staring at Jesus for more than a minute. That moment was like a little bit of Heaven. How powerful is the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus to capture such rapt attention from a little girl so seldom in His Presence. I have received so many blessings myself.”

Graces, miracles, blessings, and healings abound at Adoration, and adorers give witness to this.

“It is easy to feel that there is no hope for our world, that things will never change, no matter what we do,” explained Lisa, who makes a weekly Holy Hour, “Suddenly I am offered the opportunity to spend an hour with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. There are times this is difficult to sustain, due to schedules and events that come up. However, after a year of this, I realize that there is nothing better that I have to do at this time than praising the God of the universe. HE is still in control, always has been and always will be. If you are uncertain of this, TRY adoration. Your life will change in amazing ways, which are hard to articulate. Peace, joy, and hope will only be the beginning of the benefits he will bestow if you meet him at the Adoration chapel weekly.”

“Adoration has changed the way that I visualize Jesus,” added Meg, “I now see Him as a person that I can sit and talk with during my weekly hour of adoration. I feel that because of adoration, I now have a strong friendship with Jesus and I really enjoy my time spent with Him each week.”

“One of the reasons I am still Catholic today is Eucharistic Adoration,” said Jessica, a college student. “It is an essential part of my week. Many times on campus, faith is questioned. Eucharistic Adoration has allowed me to find God close to me every day. In addition to helping me understand that Christ and His love are real, I find that the more time I spend with Him the more I want to be with Him forever.”

“Eucharistic Adoration is the hour I set apart to be with Jesus, my Redeemer,” wrote Chris, a dedicated weekly adorer. “In his loving presence, I pray, contemplate, and worship. Each week I look forward to this holy hour.”
If you live in the Plattsburgh area and are interested in signing-up for a weekly Holy Hour with Jesus, please e-mail: sjohnsadoration@aol.com. Substitutes and visitors are always welcomed.


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