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Archives Bishop announces restructuring of administration

Aug. 14, 2019

Bishop Terry R. LaValley has announced a new structure for our diocesan administrative offices, effective Aug. 1. The new structure is necessary in large measure due to the appointment of Bishop Douglas Lucia as Bishop of Syracuse.

“The move of Bishop-elect Lucia to Syracuse leaves big shoes to fill in Ogdensburg,” said Bishop LaValley.

“Bishop Lucia served the diocese well and long in a variety of positions. He will be greatly missed.”

Bishop LaValley, as diocesan bishop, is the Chief Shephard of the Diocese of Ogdensburg who is the teacher of doctrine, priest of sacred worship and minister of governance. Canon Law describes his broad responsibilities as teaching, sanctifying and governing. Canon 375

The diocesan curia consists of the institutions and persons who assist the diocesan bishop in governance of the entire diocese, by directing pastoral activity, administering the diocese, and exercising judicial power. The judicial vicar exercises judicial authority as set forth in the Code of Canon Law. Father Gary Giroux serves as Judicial Vicar.

The diocesan bishop may appoint a vicar general, episcopal vicars and a moderator of the curia to help coordinate the activity of the diocese. The Vicar General, Father Joseph Morgan, assists the Bishop in the operation of the entire diocese and acts in place of the Diocesan Bishop when the bishop is absent from the diocese.

The Moderator of the Curia, Father Kevin O’Brien, assists the bishop with administrative and legal matters and with supervision of those working in the diocesan curia.

Episcopal vicars are given responsibility to represent the diocesan bishop in certain specified areas, i.e. administration, clergy and education and evangelization. Father O’Brien serves as Vicar for Administration.
Father Carrara serves as Vicar for Clergy and Monsignor Robert Aucoin serves as Vicar for Education and the New Evangelization.

As Vicar for Administration, Father O’Brien is responsible for the day to day supervision of the diocesan offices and Chancery. In this role, he collaborates with the Diocesan Fiscal Officer in matters pertaining to Diocesan fiscal matters. Additionally, he collaborates with department heads and supervises the Development Office, Foundation, Data Processing Office, and the Department of Worship.

The Chancellor, Deacon James Crowley, oversees the Diocesan Archives, Office for Cemeteries and the Guggenheim Center.

Father Christopher Carrara is the Vicar for Clergy. He heads the Vocation Office and is Director of Seminarians. In addition, he supervises the Safe Environment Office, the Director of Permanent Deacons and the Director of Deacon Formation.

Monsignor Robert Aucoin is the Vicar for Education and the New Evangelization. He is responsible for the Work of the Education and Faith Formation Department, Formation for Ministry Office, Office of the New Evangelization, Office for Family Life, Natural Family Planning, Marriage Preparation and Enrichment and the Respect Life Office. He supervises the Office of Communications and North Country Catholic, as well as the Office of Youth Ministry.

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