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Adoption story: ‘We feel like the blessed ones’

November 16, 2022

By Mary Beth Bracy
Contributing writer

Deacon Brent Davison, a New York State Police officer, and his wife Nikki, a registered nurse, selflessly share God’s love in serving their family and the North Country community, especially at Holy Cross Parish in Plattsburgh. As we celebrate National Adoption Month, they shared about their experience and joy in welcoming more children into their home.

“Brent and I have a blended family,” Nikki Davison explained. “I have two children from a prior marriage. We have two children together, and then we adopted three children. We have a total of seven children ranging in age from 32 to 7. We already also have six beautiful grandchildren. I had a very close family growing up, and we are still close. Family traditions and family times were very important to my parents as my three siblings and I grew up. I grew up in the Catholic faith. Unfortunately, as we got busier with our children, our faith took a backseat.”

That changed in 2013 when the Davison’s watched “The Bible” series on TV. Deacon Brent Davison commented that he and Nikki had a conversation after viewing the series and came back to Church.

Nikki Davison related what happened when they returned to the faith.

“When Brent and I came back into the Church, Monsignor (Dennis J.) Duprey connected us with Starr Burke as our catechist. We became fast friends. Starr mentioned the need for foster parents. Both my parents and Brent’s grandparents were foster parents many, many years prior. So, we signed up to take the classes. We were planning on doing respite care. Brent was not 100% onboard at first partly because of our already hectic schedule with our already growing family, partly due to his job.”

“I prayed and asked that if it was God’s will for us that he place it on my heart also, and the rest is history,” shared Deacon Davison.

Participating in a Cursillo Weekend in 2014 was also a transformative experience in their faith journey.

“While attending my Cursillo weekend, it became apparent to me this was the right choice for us,” Nikki Davison added.

“Cursillo allows you to share faith with many fellow Christians close to Christ and better hear God’s call,”

Deacon Davison added. “Our Cursillo friends have always been very supportive of our decision to foster and ultimately adopt our children Marissa, James, and Timothy (Joey). We trust God will accompany us on this journey.”

The Davison’s began fostering their children in 2014.

“Marissa was adopted in March 2016,” Deacon Davison said. “James and Timothy (Joey) were adopted in November 2019. The kids have all been baptized since being adopted, and the two older kids made their First Communion. Timothy (Joey) will make his next spring.”

There are numerous blessings in fostering and adopting children, the couple said.

“I believe seeing these children and what obstacles they have overcome, where they were and how they adapt and persevere was both rewarding and eye opening,” Nikki Davison said. “I have learned grace and much humility as well, as what a humbling experience this has been. We feel like the blessed ones to be able to give these children homes with the support and love from us as well as our Catholic faith.”

Naturally, there are some challenges as well.

“We have had to start over raising children again, which is not always easy, but by God’s grace we get by,” said Deacon Davison. “Obviously we could not have done any of this without the grace of Jesus Christ and the support of our family and friends.”

“I would be happy to talk with anyone considering fostering and or adopting,” Nikki Davison added. “I co-taught the foster parent classes as a parent liaison with the foster parenting staff at Department of Social Services (DSS). Fostering at times was very difficult and frustrating as well as rewarding. As the foster parent, you are acting as the child’s advocate, but you are not the parent. That was a tough pill to swallow. The staff and caseworker from DSS we had were excellent, and we worked well together. That made the job a bit easier.”

God’s love is clearly reflected in the Davison family. At church, they are always greeting others and helping in the parish. Deacon Davison often helps at the Masses, and the Davison children are altar servers.

Deacon Davison encourages others to be open to the possibility of opening their hearts and homes to children in need.

“Some people just can’t (have children),” he said. “There is a huge need for foster parenting, and this can also give those parents a chance to experience the love of a family with children. It is a calling and like other callings. You just have to be listening.”

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