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Archives Bishop LaValley bestows Wadhams Award

Dr. Celine Paquette honored at St. Mary’s Church in Champlain

April 19, 2023

Bishop Terry R. LaValley presented the Bishop Edgar P. Wadhams Award for Distinguished Service to Dr. Celine Paquette during Mass at St. Mary’s Church in Champlain on April 15.

In bestowing the Award on Dr. Celine Paquette, Bishop LaValley noted both the quality and the length of her service to the Church.

“Celine has given service to our local church for decades, serving her parish as a member of the Education Council of St. Mary’s Academy, member of the St. Mary’s Bazaar Committee and volunteer in many parish ministries,” said Bishop LaValley. “She wrote a history of St. Mary’s Parish for the celebration of its 150th anniversary in 2010. She has served as a historian for the Town of Champlain. She has served on the Diocesan Investment Advisory Committee for over two decades, serving as committee chairperson for the majority of those years. That is quite a record of service!”

Celine is also a member of the Diocesan Bishop’s Heritage Circle.

The Bishop Wadhams Award presented to Dr. Celine Paquette is signed by Bishop LaValley and reads as follows:
“Dr. Celine Paquette has graciously served St. Mary’s Parish in Champlain, her community and our diocese. Celine has been a great support to the pastors of St. Mary’s Parish and to the Daughters of Charity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Celine was committed to St. Mary’s Academy and served many years on the Education Council of the Academy. Celine served on the annual St. Mary’s Parish bazaar and participated in many parish ministries and activities. Celine served her community as county legislator, SUNY trustee, and vice-chair of the board of the Samuel de Champlain History Center. She served on the Board of Trustees for St. Michael’s College in Colchester, VT, and Commissioner on the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Celine was a member of the Diocesan Investment Advisory Committee for over two decades, serving as chair for most of that time. Celine is also a member of the Diocesan Bishop’s Heritage Circle. Celine’s generosity with her time, talent and treasure has benefited her parish and our diocese in many ways. This student of history has used her time, talents and treasure to build a brighter future for us as the People of God.

“In recognition of her outstanding service to the Diocese of Ogdensburg and the local parish, this award is bestowed as a sign of our deep gratitude and respect. In witness whereof, I have signed this award and placed upon it the seal of the Diocese of Ogdensburg this 15th day of April, 2023.”

The Bishop Wadhams Award was instituted by Bishop Paul Loverde, the eleventh Bishop of Ogdensburg, in 1996, to recognize exceptional service to the Diocese of Ogdensburg by people of the North Country.

Recipients of the Award include Reverend Monsignor Richard Siepka, Reverend Monsignor Lawrence M. Deno, Mrs. Mary Lou Kilian, Reverend Monsignor Robert Giroux, Dr. Gerald Irwin, Sister Kathryn Healy, Dr. A. B. DeGrandpre, Mr. Clyde A. Lewis, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sanders, Sister Donna Franklin, DC, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Domingos, Miss Sally Rusaw, Mrs. Elaine Cook, Mr. Irving Papineau, Mrs. Noreen Barcomb, Mr. Glenn Burdo, Ms. Starr Burke, Mr. and Mrs. David Cline, Sister Sharon Anne Dalton, SSJ, Mrs. Ruth Demarse, Mr. Joseph Denoncourt, Mrs. Patricia Fassett, Mr. Pat Fontana, Sr., Deacon and Mrs. Gary Frank, Mrs. Connie Hatch-Young, Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Hayes, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald LaValley, Dr. and Mrs. Victor Ludwig, Mrs. Leslie Marvel, Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Pietropaoli, Mrs. Elsie Scruggs, Mrs. Mary Catherine Spilman, Mrs. Donna Steenberg, Mr. Daniel Sweeney, Sister Mary Christine Taylor, SSJ, Mr. Michael Tooley, Ms. Michelle Watkins, Mrs. Linda Young, Mr. Michael Bresnahan, Jr., Mr. James Brady, Mrs. Jane Boyea, and Mr. Bruce Bombard.

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