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Father Muench Says...

Christmas greetings from Father Bill

Dec. 19, 2018

By Father William Muench
NCC columnist

Happy Christmas! Today’s column will be my Christmas card to you all!

I want to use this opportunity to wish you all, who join me each week, a happy and peace-filled celebration of the Birth of Jesus. Our Christmas celebration is a time to remember that Jesus, the Son of God, came to our world to show us how sacred and blessed this race of people is. Jesus is one of us. Jesus came to make our world a better place. At Christmas, we are reminded that we, as disciples of Jesus, must live as blessed people; Jesus was one of us, and we can do so much to make our world happier and a better place.

I want to thank you all for being a part of my family each week as readers of this column. I think of you each time I sit down to write the next edition. Today, at this Christmas time, I promise to remember you all in a special way in my Christmas Masses. My prayer is that God fills this New Year with happiness for you and your families.

Christmas is all about gratitude. I know that I have so much to be grateful for this Christmas. I hope you do, also. I thank God for Jesus’ presence in my life and this world. Jesus came to transform this world. Jesus transforms my world; he supports and bring his peace and love into all that I do. Jesus strengthens my faith, and his forgiving love brings peace to all that I do. Each Christmas as I celebrate the birth of my Savior, I celebrate with gratitude for all that the Lord brings into my life – so many gifts. I know how blessed we are. Jesus was one of us.

There are so many others in my life that I think of and pray for in gratitude each Christmas. I want to send my gratitude to my two editors this year, my two bosses. The North Country Catholic has gone through a smooth transition this year. I want to thank Mary Lou Kilian, my editor for many years. She was the one who invited me to write this column and was always there to support my efforts. I was truly blessed to work for her. Thanks, Mary Lou.

And now, a note of gratitude to our present editor, Darcy Fargo. She is becoming an excellent part of our diocesan staff. I have noticed her love for the North Country Catholic and for the Diocese of Ogdensburg. Thank you, Darcy.
As I continue along this Christmas Card, I would like to add my gratitude to our Bishop, Bishop Terry LaValley.

Bishop LaValley has demonstrated often his loving spirit and dedicated concern for the Diocese of Ogdensburg. He has met this challenging time for our Catholic Church with courage and boldness. I thank him for this. We are fortunate as a diocese to have such a great Bishop. Thank you, God, for sending us, Bishop LaValley.

So many more that I am grateful for this Christmas. I thank God for the many dedicated and hardworking priests, my brothers in the Lord’s ministry. I remember also the many dedicated deacons in our parishes. I thank God for the many loving and faith-filled Sisters who minister in the parishes of this diocese. They add so much enthusiasm and life to the Church’s work.

I want to add a note of gratitude to God for the many wonderful families that make our parishes such great communities. I have been privileges to know and work with so many families as a pastor. Now, as I travel around to other parishes helping pastors, I continue to meet and recognize so many great families. We are so blessed in this diocese. They make the life of this diocese alive and Christ filled.

Finally, a quick thank you to my own family who are such a support to me.

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