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Archives Survey shows engagement at St. Agnes

March 15, 2023

LAKE PLACID – St. Agnes Catholic Church in Lake Placid recently conducted the Gallup Parish Engagement Survey, and the results are in! The survey was taken during Mass using a dedicated internet address, and every regular parishioner 18 years or older was asked to answer the 25 questions.

Paper copies were made available for those who were unable to take the survey on their phone or tablet.
The confidential responses were then analyzed by the Gallup Faith database, and the results provide a baseline of data from which action plans for the future of the parish will be made.

Gallup distinguishes three distinct groups within parishes in terms of engagement and provides the results including how they compare to Catholics nationwide. The overall data for St. Agnes show that 84% of parishioners feel very positive about the parish, as compared with only 78% in parishes nationwide.

According to the survey results, 44% of St. Agnes parishioners can be described as loyal, with a strong emotional connection to our parish. This group is more spiritually committed, more likely to invite others to parish events and give more, both financially and of their time. Most Catholic parishes typically have only 30% in this group.

Additionally, 40% of our parishioners also have a positive view of St. Agnes parish and attend regularly. This group, however, feel connected more socially rather than spiritually to the parish. They give moderately and may do some volunteering. The average for this middle group is 48% for Catholic parishes nationwide.

A mere 16% of the St. Agnes congregation appear in a category that includes two types of parishioners. The first are those who attend Mass occasionally, if at all, and the second are those who attend regularly but are not happy with the parish. Most Catholic parishes nationwide have 22% of their parishioners in this group.
So, clearly St. Agnes is doing a lot of things well, and as the responses to each individual survey question are analyzed, a clear picture of the areas that need to be improved will emerge.

In the coming weeks, parishioners will be invited to attend a presentation of the results of the survey and to join task groups that will examine the responses in more detail to determine what the numbers suggest.
They will also be invited to contribute to planning strategies to help all parishioners feel more engaged utilizing the Gallup Member Engagement materials. Stay tuned! It's an exciting time to be at St. Agnes!

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