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April 3, 2024

By Darcy Fargo

Unable to travel to Nicaragua, where the organization has a facility, North Country Mission of Hope is still looking to help others in need, this time through a new type of mission trip.

“In 2018, when we took our last trip to Nicaragua in February, we had no idea it would be our last trip for this many years,” said Deacon James Carlin, executive director of North Country Mission of Hope. “Between the political situation, the pandemic and other issues, it hasn’t been a viable option to go back to our facility in Nicaragua. When I took over as executive director in January 2023, one of the mandates given to me by the board was to revitalize the mission portion of what we do.”

Deacon Carlin said Mission of Hope supporters introduced the organization to Christian Appalachian Project (CAP), a charity founded by Father Ralph Beiting over 60 years ago to serve in the Appalachian region of southeastern Kentucky.

“I went down in August of last year to meet with them, and from that, a small mission group went down at the end of October and beginning of November 2023,” he said. “We served a week there to get a feel for them and to let them get a feel for us to ensure we have the same values and could work together. We found it very enriching. It’s different from Nicaragua, but it’s a valuable and wonderful experience of camaraderie and fellowship while serving.”

North Country Mission of Hope is now preparing for a return trip to work with CAP from July 27 to August 1 and is accepting applications from individuals interested in participating.

The experience is open to anyone age 14 and older.

While the mission focuses on renovating homes and building access ramps for the elderly or those in need, no experience in that kind of work is necessary.

“For every five students u der the age of 18, we have to have two adults,” Deacon Carlin said. “We like to have a mix of students and adults, people who have been on mission and people who have never been on mission.”

Deacon Carlin noted that the need is great for services CAP provides.

“It’s different from Nicaragua, but both are rural pockets of need. Rural need and poverty have very distinct challenges, including lack of services and lack of opportunities,” he said. “Poverty and a lack of jobs come from that.”

A domestic trip may also appeal to some who aren’t interested in international travel, the deacon said.

“It takes away that barrier of going abroad, different cultures and different languages,” he said. “Mission experiences, whether abroad or here in the U.S. serve to help us be more of who God calls us to be, who Christ calls us to be. It gives us an opportunity to get out and serve others in ways we may not be able to help in our own communities. It’s a chance to go out and reach out to others in a way that feeds who we are as Christians and as followers of Christ. It’s a life-changing experience.”

To learn more about the mission experience or to apply to participate, contact Deacon Carlin at jpcarlin1963@gmail.com.

Space on the trip is limited, and applying does not guarantee participation.

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