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Finding love in a flying Christmas Pig

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

November 28, 2018

The flying Christmas pig has made its return.

As I’ve mentioned previously, my parents (mostly my mom) goes a bit over the top with her Halloween and Christmas outdoor decoration and lighting displays.

Last year, the town asked my parents to extend their decorating efforts into a town park next door to their lot. My sisters and I, as well as our families, were enlisted to help.

As my husband, my father and my nephew strung lights into a large pine tree, my mother asked me to go into her decoration stockpile (not an exaggeration) to find something to place between upright wooden poles that also support a “Welcome to Bombay” sign.

Searching the decoration storage area, I struggled to find an item that met the requirements of the space. Then, I spotted it: the Christmas pig. Picture a three-foot long pink pig, down on all fours, and wearing a Santa coat, belt and hat.

While the mere existence of a Christmas pig seemed funny to me, the thought of making the Christmas pig fly between the sign posts on the town sign was hysterical.

I dragged the pig out of storage, along with a few other items my mother had requested.

“I say we make the Christmas pig fly,” I said, proudly displaying the wire-framed pig to my mother and sister.
Laughter ensued. We weren’t sure if our humor would be well received by the town. We decided to think about it for a bit.

A few minutes later, my husband, finally done stringing lights in the tree, walked over to where my sister and I were decorating.

He asked, “what’s with the Christmas pig?”

“My mother is strange,” I replied.

“Wouldn’t it be funny if we put it between the sign posts and made the Christmas pig fly over the town sign?” Adam asked.

With that one question, two things were confirmed: the Christmas pig was going to fly, and Adam and I were meant to be together.

I’ve lost count of the number of times God has blessed me with moments that leave me in awe of how much love I share with another person, whether it’s my husband, my son, my parents… Whether it’s a random hug from a child, or a shared idea for a flying Christmas pig, those moments are gifts. I’d like to think they’re just a small taste of the love of God.

The flying Christmas pig made its return this past weekend. While town residents seem to enjoy the humor of it, I enjoy the reminder of a moment of profound (and maybe odd) love.

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