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Physical activity makes me cry

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

December 18, 2019

Over the last few weeks, my twin sister and one of my best friends have repeatedly invited me to participate in exercise classes with them. I keep saying, “no.”

I have a reputation for enjoying physical activities. I played sports growing up. I participated in a 65-mile bike ride with my aunt a few years ago. Up until a couple years ago, I would often follow an hour-long session of karate with a three- to five-mile jog.

So why do I decline these invitations?

I’ve had health issues that have significantly reduced my strength and flexibility in one leg. When I participate in most physical activities now, I cry.

It’s neither pain nor discomfort that bring me to tears, though.

I cry because I’m reminded of my limitations. I cry because I remember how strong I was just a few short years ago, and I focus on how weak I am now. I cry because I know my contemporaries can perform movements and feats of strength that – at least for now – I can’t.

So why am I bringing this up as we’re preparing to celebrate Christmas? Gifts and giving have been prevalent in my thoughts and prayers lately.

Yes, I’ve been thinking about trying to find the perfect Christmas gifts for my loved ones, but I’ve also been thinking and praying about the gifts God has given me.

I’ve come to realize I’m sort of an ungrateful jerk.

I’ve spent an awful lot of time lately focusing on the gifts I lack, the gifts I want and the gifts I’ve lost. I’ve let that focus overshadow the fact that God has given me a loving family, hysterical and supportive friends, a job I love, intellect, humor and relatively good health. And that’s just a short list. God has given me much, much more.

As we approach Christmas, I pray we can all focus on the gifts we’ve been given by a loving God who knows exactly what we need and when we need it, even if we don’t recognize it. I pray we celebrate with gratitude, since we’re celebrating that for which we should be most grateful – that our Savior entered the world to save us all.

From all of us here at the North Country Catholic, we wish you and your loved ones a blessed and merry Christmas.

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