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We’re doing it together

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

February 21, 2024

“I’ve created a monster,” I told my friend.

I recently introduced this friend – someone who doesn’t love technology – to a couple Catholic apps, programs on his smartphone that offer prayer resources, Scripture, meditations and other Catholic content.

A week later, this same friend sent me a link to a Lenten program offered by a Catholic app. He thought I would find it helpful in my spiritual journey.

That’s when I suggested I’ve created a monster. I thought it was funny the guy I was teaching to use his phone (I showed him another feature, as well) was suddenly suggesting an app-based program to me.

I tried the app he was suggesting not long after it first launched. I didn’t love it then, but I figured I’d humor my friend and check out the program he suggested on that app I had dismissed long ago.

My friend was right. I love the program so far, and I’m glad he shared it.

It’s one of the things I love about our faith: we’re all doing it together. I’m a woman who in my 40s who loves technology. My friend is a man who is not in his 40s, shall we say (I’m trying to be nice), and who does not love technology. In a lot of ways, we couldn’t be more different, but our faith, our love of Jesus and our desire to see each other in heaven overcomes our differences, and we’re able to help each other.

We’re all called to be that for one another. We’re called to be connected. We’re called to support each other. As Bishop LaValley notes in his letter on the following page, we’re truly In Communion, the theme for this year’s North Country Catholic subscription campaign.

We connect to one another by sharing our stories, by inspiring one another, by helping one another grow in knowledge and love of our Lord.

You may have noticed in the box on page 1, we’re introducing two new features this week to go along with that theme.

“A Growing Voice” is offered by Erin Savarie, a young lady from Minerva who is active in her home parish, St. Joseph’s in Olmstedville, and in diocesan youth ministry programming, including Camp Guggenheim. Erin is trying out the column format for now as she discerns her path forward with the NCC, but we’re hoping she’ll be a regular contributor. Erin is a talented writer, and she loves Jesus. I think we’ll all learn from her youthful perspective.

“From Wondering to Wonder in Worship” is offered by diocesan Director of Worship Father Bryan Stitt. Father Stitt will be offering answers to commonly asked and submitted questions about worship and our faith in general. We look forward to him helping us better understand and participate in worship.

We hope you enjoy and learn from these new features, and we thank you for subscribing and supporting our work as we grow in our love of the Lord In Communion with each other.

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