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And the stars aligned

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

February 7, 2024

It was like the fast-food stars aligned just for me that day.

I placed an order at a fast-food restaurant on my phone through the company’s app for pickup at the drive-thru, but I ran into a delay after I placed the order. After this delay, I knew I was going to be cutting it close. I had to pick up my food, and I had somewhere I needed to be in around 10 minutes.

When I pulled into the parking lot, my heart sank. The line at the drive-thru was several cars deep.

Then, as I drove closer, I noticed all the cars were lined up in the outside lane of the two-lane setup. I paused in case any of those cars wanted to move over. When none of the vehicles moved after a short wait, I pulled my car into the inside lane. I went directly up to the speaker, gave my order information and was told to “pull ahead to the first window” before the driver in the vehicle at the outside lane speaker completed her order.

When I got to the drive-thru window, my favorite employee at that restaurant was at the first window (yes, I eat enough fast food to have favorite employees; feel free to judge me). She gave me her usual “have a great day, sweetheart,” and I pulled up to the next window to get for my food.

My order was ready and waiting when I got there. I was pulling out of the parking lot before the last car that had been in line when I pulled in got to the speaker to order.

Then after all that good luck, I opened my container of nuggets to find seven of the unhealthy chunks of deliciousness instead of the promised six.

And I was on time for my next commitment.

The whole situation made me so happy, I giggled. Then, I laughed at myself for how happy something as silly as a ridiculously fast and friendly drive-thru experience could make me.

It immediately struck me. I had been looking for something to round out my planned Lenten practices. Longtime readers may remember this, but I try to ensure that in addition to any sacrifice/penitential practice I undertake, I also add something meant to help me focus on God’s goodness and love.

That was it. I think I’m supposed to spend some time every day looking for the little gifts God gives me, the little moments of happiness.

I sometimes take the little moments, the little gifts for granted. I give the little gifts hardly any notice, but I let the little struggles dominate my thinking. I think God told me I need to give the little gifts bigger consideration.

And it aligned for me again that day.

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