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I’ve heard it all before

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

March 6, 2024

“Thanks. It has pockets.”

An informal poll of a few female friends and colleagues showed it isn’t unique to me. We’ve all received this answer enough times that we expect it. I received it on one of those unseasonably warm days last week.

I was waiting in line to pay for gas and snacks at a convenience store, and there was a woman standing immediately to my left waiting for a milkshake.

“That’s a really cute dress,” I said to the woman.

That’s when she echoed that common refrain: “Thanks. It has pockets.”

I’ve never searched for research explaining why so many women reply with that line when they receive a compliment about a qualifying dress or skirt, but I was thinking about it more after that recent interaction, and I have a couple theories.

One theory: A lot of people struggle to accept compliments and feel awkward responding. “Thanks. It has pockets” is good as what I would call a “canned response,” a response you don’t have to think about.

My other theory: We’re excited, and we want to share our excitement. A lot of women’s pants, especially jeans and dress pants, have what I call “girl pockets,” pockets that are only an inch or two deep, pockets that are more for decoration than function. So, having a real, functional pocket can be novel. Second, it’s exciting to have something that’s both beautiful and functional.

Beautiful and functional.

I got thinking about things I find both beautiful and functional – my favorite serving platter (a gift from my grandmother), the mission style desk at which I write so many words – and it struck me: Our faith is beautiful, but how is it functional in my life?

My love of God and desire to do His will guides my overall moral compass and some larger aspects of my life, things like going to Mass, almsgiving/charity, my employment, but I sat and contemplated how “beautiful and functional” works in the seemingly insignificant moments of the day – when I’m folding laundry, running errands or chatting with my son.

While I occasionally experience the Holy Spirit in everyday life, I don’t intentionally make everyday life open to the Holy Spirit all that well. I’m trying to do that a bit more.

I may not see folding my laundry as meaningful in any way, but I’ve been trying to remind myself that it’s what I need to be doing in that moment, and that makes it part of God’s plan. I don’t have to enjoy it. I don’t have to love it.

I just have to accept it, pockets and all.

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