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God gave me a second chance

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

April 24, 2024

Every time I think of this interaction, I wish I handled it better.

I was on vacation, I was walking through an amusement park wearing a t-shirt with a taco on the front along with the text, “It’s ok to fall apart sometimes. Tacos fall apart all the time, and we still love them.”

A young park employee at a cart selling popcorn and drinks stopped me.

“Can I give you a free Gatorade? I love your shirt, and I needed to hear that today,” he said.

I accepted the free drink, thanked him for his kindness and went on my merry way to the next ride.

Later, it occurred to me that I never asked that young man if he was ok. He basically told me he was falling apart, and I thanked him for a beverage and walked away.

That was years ago, and I still think about it occasionally, and I still wish I had handled it better.
Last week, God gave me a do-over.

This time, I was waiting in line to order a sub. Instead of my taco shirt, I had on a hooded sweatshirt with text on the back reading, “Dear person behind me, You matter. You are enough. The world is a better place because you’re in it,” followed by a few hearts and “– The person in front of you.”

From behind I hear, “I love your hoodie.”

I turned around to thank the lady. She told me she needed that message at that moment.

As she paid for her lunch order, I said, “Are you ok? I just thought I’d check.”

She cried. She told me she was, in fact, ok, and she thanked me for asking and for caring.

I cried, too. We were complete strangers crying together at the cash register at Subway.

It was a beautiful moment that I can see only as a gift from God. God made sure that woman received a message she needed. He gave us both a beautiful moment of connection. He gave me a moment to do better than I had in the past and the grace to recognize it. He reminded me how important it is to let others know I care about them and their wellbeing.

I’m really grateful God gave me a chance to handle it better.

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